Lewis Hamilton Career Sample Paper

Lewis Hamilton Career Sample Paper



Fashion History

04 May 2021

Lewis Hamilton is a british racing driver, who is also working as a fashion designer. He made a third collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in 2019 (Jeong). He was interested in the making process of every object and also, he was interested in fashion because he thinks that fashion gives people the freedom to show their individuality. His interest made him go to a few of Tommy’s shows and he got a chance to meet Tommy. Tommy said he likes Lewis’s fashion and he asked Lewis to work together (Koreanenglishman). This is the way Lewis started his career as a designer. He made a third collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in 2019 (Jeong) Lewis Hamilton Career Sample Paper.

Lewis Hamiltion has three major styles: modernism, athleticwear, and minimalism. He designed a coat, which looks like the dandy coats of the early 1960s (Fig. 2). He also matched the dandy coat with a sporty hoodie to reinterpret classicism in modernism. His athleticwear is outstanding on his third collection in Tommy Hilfiger; he designed hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, jackets, and sneakers much more than other clothing (Fig. 1, Fig. 4). In Fig. 1, the fashion sense demonstrates the difference between Hamilton’s fashion and the rest of the cloths. For instance, the deep-dying techniques used on the cloths made of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. The fashion-sense in this figure is a representation of a classy yet sporty outfit that carries the Hamilton logo and that can be worn anywhere at any given time. In all these cloths, Hamilton has made sure they either have a logo or the design is unique making the outfit wearable not only in the sport arena but also other areas. He also showed minimalism through all of his designs. He minilized all of the decorations on the clothes and he only put the logo of Tommy Hilfiger and the letters ‘LH’ which is the initial of his name (Fig. 1-4). Additionally, Hamilton has shown that logos can be placed not on a few fashionable items but also on all fashionable items and make it a trend. In all the pictures, Hamilton’s cloths have at least one logo. In all these fashionable cloths, the common material is cotton. The clothes are unique in their own way since they have a story they tell; they are youthful and are designed in such a way that they can be worn in any occasion. Their design and use of different colors brings in the difference between them and other clothes that will only have one color.

Not only the designs, but also his principle of fashion is worthwhile. His principle is making eco-friendly clothes. Nowadays, people have started to consider nature; for instance, they are trying to recycle and reduce waste. Also, animal protection is an important issue recently; a bunch of animal protection groups put their effort to save animals from the pollution, animal experimentation, and using them as material. Lewis considered this social issue and himself is vegan, and he showed it on his designs. He used recycled denims, 50% organic cotton, and vegan materials instead of leathers. He is planning to make 100% organic cotton and 100% eco-friendly clothes in further collaboration (Koreanenglishman) Lewis Hamilton Career Sample Paper.

Lewis is building up his career as a fashion designer, and trying to be environmentally harmless. His modern but sporty designs are remarkable; his eco-friendly fashion principle is truly valuable especially in these days. If you are someone who takes care about nature conservation and animal protection, Lewis is a totally considerable contemporary designer Lewis Hamilton Career Sample Paper.