Management of unsafe abortion.

Management of unsafe abortion.

Question 1

Yokoe, Ryo, et al. "Unsafe abortion and abortion-related death among 1.8 million women in India." BMJ global health 4.3 (2019): e001491.

Question 2

The author’s thesis and main idea are that despite abortion being legalized, it is risky and unsafe for women. Based on the researchers’ investigation, it is evident that many women in India continue to suffer and risk their lives aborting, which increases their mortality rate Management of unsafe abortion.

Question 3

The authors claim that unsafe abortion is high globally despite it being legalized in various countries. To support their central claims and thesis statement, the authors embark on a serious investigation where they conduct secondary data analysis on the Indian Annual Health Survey (AHS) to analyze the rate of riskiness and deaths involved in abortion. The authors also rely on other case studies related to abortion, supporting their claim that abortion is unsafe and increases the mortality rate among women involved in such unsafe practices Management of unsafe abortion.

Question 4

"The rate of unsafe abortion and abortion-related mortality may be underestimated due to underreporting of abortion and misclassification of abortion-related death" (Yokoeet al. 11).

"Our results suggest a pervading theme of vulnerability for unsafe abortion related to low socioeconomic status and teenage pregnancy" (Yokoeet al. 11).

"Unsafe abortion is one of the preventable causes of maternal mortality1 yet, of the 55.7 million abortions that occurred globally each year between 2010 and 2014, an estimated 25.1 million (45.1%) were unsafe" (Yokoeet al. 1).

"Defined by the WHO as "the termination of an unintended pregnancy either by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment lacking the minimum medical standards or both," 3 unsafe abortion is strongly associated with maternal complications such as haem-orrhage, sepsis and trauma, and is the fourth leading cause of maternal death" (Yokoeet al. 1).

Question 5

WHO describes abortion as the termination of pregnancy by people who lack adequate knowledge and skills and in an environment that is not medically secure. It results in the health complications like sepsis and trauma and is associated with maternal deaths.

The rate at which unsafe abortion is prevalent is underestimated because of underreporting and miscalculation of deaths associated with abortion.

Unsafe abortion practices are the leading causes of maternal deaths caused by unsafe practices that happen to be the majority, such as between 2010 and 2014 where a total of 55.7 million abortions were committed, and 25.1 were unsafe Management of unsafe abortion.