Medical Malpractice: Case Studies

Medical Malpractice Please read the 3 cases(link below for Case #1 and 2-3 are attached PDFs. In some cases, the content was intentionally left out. What are your thoughts about EACH case? What went wrong on each case? What if any additional questions would you have or need to be answered? What would you have done differently? DISCUSS THOROUGHLY. VAGUE ANSWERS WILL BE 0.

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Case 1: Multiple Medical Errors and Negligence

My Thoughts about the Case

This case presents a scenario of a filthy healthcare system without appropriate health policies to govern and determine the standard medical practices. The fact that almost all medical providers violated the basic principles of ethical care points to extent of damage that is caused to other patients.

What Went Wrong on the Case?

In this particular case, the main issue is that Mr. K was admitted to the facility without proper assessment of his medical condition. Besides, the physician was not determined and the facility did not make an accurate medical list and instead relied on the medications provided by the family members. Besides, there were drastic changes of medication without examination within 24 hours of admission.

Additional Questions on the Case

The main question in this case is under what medical basis did the nurse practitioners change medications to Mr. K yet no medical assessment had been done? Also, why was the family not notified of the addition of metformin and the changed insulin dosage?

What I Could Have Done Differently

First, before admission of the patient, I would have performed a medical assessment to determine the exact medical condition of the patient. Besides, I could ensure to make an accurate medical list for the patient.

Case 2: Prisoner’s Visit to ED Cues Suit

My Thoughts about the Case

The Prisoner’s Visit to ED Cues Suit presents a scenario of total negligence and more specifically by Mr. N. During the initial visit to the facility, Mr. N was instructed by the doctor to prescribe antibiotics to the prisoner which the nurse practitioner ignored during the discharge of the prisoner. Besides, the prisoner made a request for an X-ray which the nurse practitioner ignored also based on the fact that the hospitals imaging machine was broken without referring him to a different facility where he could get the services.

What Went Wrong on The Case?

The main issue surrounding the case is that the nurse practitioner failed to stabilize the medical condition of Mr. S while attending to his medical attention. Mr. N failed to perform an X-ray to determine the nature of damage to the patient. Besides, the nurse practitioner failed to prescribe antibiotics as directed by the physician.

Additional Questions on The Case

The main question regarding the case is why could the nurse practitioner ignore and avoid prescribing antibiotics to the inmate? Also, why couldn’t the nurse practitioner refer the inmate to a facility with a functional imaging machine?

What I Could Have Done Differently

First I could have ordered the inmate to be taken to a different facility with a functional X-ray machine after cleaning the bite site. Besides, I could have prescribed antibiotics as prescribed by the physician.

Case 3: Clinic Policy Comes Under Fire

My Thoughts About the Case

Even though the parents made a claim that they were discouraged from returning the girl to the facility, they had been advised to do so through a written note given during the discharge. The parents therefore had a responsibility of returning the girl based on earlier directions.

What Went Wrong on The Case?

The issue with the case was the feeling of being discouraged from returning to the healthcare facility after the girl’s health worsened. The nurse who took the call should have encouraged the parents to return the girl for further medical attention.

Additional Questions on The Case

What was the impact of the discouragement by the nurse on the parents’ hesitance to return the girl to hospital? Why could the parents take the girl to any other healthcare facility if they felt that the girl needed specialized treatment at that moment?

What I Could Have Done Differently

As a nurse receiving the call, I could have advised the parents to r4eturn the girl to the hospital for specialized assessment and medical attention.