Migration and Population Distribution Essay

Migration and Population Distribution Essay

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Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. Movement is as old as humanity itself since people have been moving from place to place for different reasons, with the most common cause as they search for greener pastures. With globalization taking over, migration has frequently been between countries such as Mexico and the US. Many Mexicans have migrated from their home country to the US and vice versa. Migration is measured to identify the rate of movement between countries. According to Davis et al. (2013), the gross migration rate is a common phrase associated with migration. It typically describes the total number of in-migrants, plus out-migrants of a specific geographical region such as country per 1,000. Mexicans have been migrating for the longest time in history, and a focus on their gross migration rate in 2018 can help understand more about migration among people Migration and Population Distribution Essay.

The gross migration rate among Mexicans in 2018 stood at -0.478 per 1000 population (Mexico Net Migration Rate 1950-2021. MacroTrends, n.d.). This was a significant decrease from the gross migration rate in 2017, which stood at -0.526. In percentage terms, this was a 9.13% decrease. Such a decrease was attributed to an array of factors. Most of the migration among Mexicans was between Mexico and America. Since Trump took over the president’s office, migration between Mexico and America decreased, which explains the decrease in the migration rate within Mexico since Trump’s administration integrated barriers to curb Mexican-American migration. Despite dropping, the migration in and out of Mexico can be attributed to the search for greener pastures where Mexicans migrated to other regions. Economic factors contributed the most towards the gross migration rate in Mexico.

The gross migration rate is one way to measure people’s movement in a political, geographical area. The gross migration rate in Mexico in 2018 stood at -0.478 per 1000 population. Based on the previous statistics in Mexico, this was a decrease. The migration rate in Mexico was caused by several factors, among them economic factors.


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