NUR707 A New Earth Essay

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‘KEY TOPIC’ (per chapter)


(1) Human Consciousness (Inherited

Dysfunction and recognition of any need for change)

The topic is essential and explores the aspects of human consciousness. As a service provider, it teaches that it is essential to use the light of consciousness and avoid the madness that comes with the human mind. While executing duties, it is advised to understand one’s insanity and to equate the aspects of truth with thoughts.

(2) Ego: The current state of humanity

The chapter is viral in reflecting the ideal aspect of ego and humankind. It helps understand that life is not a serious as the mind perceives and that the best thing to have is identity. The endless strive for more is termed as a disease that affects every human and should be controlled for better living.

(3) Ego: The Core of Ego

The topic is crucial as it teaches against complaining and being aware of one’s ego through the pattern of thoughts. It also helps me to know the importance of forgive my enemies and loving others. It gives a great direction that the pest should not hinder one from achieving the present.

(4) The Many Faces of the Ego

As a medical provider, the chapter is critical in explaining the depth of human feelings and the energy within. The author discourages individuals from limiting themselves using thoughts and observes that the actual cause of unhappiness is the thoughts. He points out that to make the right changes, one should be aware of themselves to reduce suffering.

(5) The Pain Body

The chapter is impotent is explaining the aspects of pain in the body. As a service provider, it is crucial noting that the body reacts to the mind through emotions and that intelligence is responsible for the body’s operation. It teaches that there are negative emotions that lead to intense dislike, envy, hate, or jealousy.

(6) Breaking Free of the Pain Body

Essential aspects are provided in this chapter regarding breaking free from the pain in the body. The author cites that the initial part of breaking free is by accepting that one is suffering. Thinking is seen as a way the mind is confused, and that though money is seen as a good thing, it causes unconsciousness.

(7) Finding Who You Truly Are

The topic is crucial in showing how one should react during times of trouble. As a service provider, the reaction to clients is essential and determines the quality of services. The topic is, therefore, crucial in showing ways of reacting to others, such as by offering assistance, appreciation, and praise.

(8) The Discovery of Inner Space

The topic encourages people to get detached from things that hold them from accomplishing goals. The authors observe that people’s lives are cluttered with work and material things and thoughts. The social circles are said to be negatively affecting people and encourage people to create their space through positive thinking.

(9) Your Inner Purpose

The work of service delivery is crucial and needs that one has an understanding of inner purpose. The author explains that one should reach the awakening state, where awareness and thinking are separate. It is crucial to learn about the desire for success and the efforts needed to emerge successful in life.

(10) A New Earth: Awakening, Consciousness, and Your Life’s Purpose

The chapter reflects on the new earth and encourages exploring things through relative and absolute reasoning. Intelligence is likened to consciousness, and this depicts the way human beings should do something and become aware of themselves. Acceptance of things that cannot be accomplished is evaluated, and also, the author ensures peace of mind in a practical sense.