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A Letter to My Future Self about Online Learning

Take a moment and read this letter you wrote when you thought how tough it would be to pursue online courses, which seemed difficult at the time. Look at all the achievements you have made because you made an important step to catch up with internet technology. Remember the quote that education is key to a better life and the fact that no person is limited to continue education regardless of age, sex, or social status. If you concentrate on negativity, you would not have written this letter in the first place. How does it feel to look around and realize you can reach anyone through internet meetings and complete tasks online without ever needing to work in a physical office? You always wondered how you would cope with daily attendance to college while you had home responsibilities. Even though online learning classes seemed impractical to you, considering that you were traditionally not prepared for the internet generation, you finally succeeded in doing most of the things online. So, this was not a journey wasted; instead, online learning was a foundation for all the online jobs you presently able to pursue because of the online exposure you received. I am here today to congratulate you on the milestones you have achieved and to remind you of the challenges you thought you would not overcome.

Remember the concerns you had when taking online courses such as the thought of attending college during late adulthood was being ‘out-of-place.’ Had you given up at the time you wanted to join college, what would you have to say to yourself when the time elapsed while others took advantage of it? I know it was a choice to decide not to join college since you were preoccupied with home chores at your age. I know you would not have minded, ignoring education because what would matter was enjoying life until your retirement age. Instead, you decided to choose what most people would avoid, accepting to challenge yourself with the technology. You pitied yourself that online learning was not meant for people of your kind, but look at your rewards! I can see you smiling your way to the bank because you can compete equally with the Millennials who are very competitive in the digital environment. Nobody can limit your job profile because you can work in a physical office or decide to work in the comfort of your home because you can video conference with other job professionals and companies. I am very proud that you for making this choice.

The degree you are holding in your hand is not by a one-day job. You had to comprehend everything it takes to adjust to online learning. These were the challenges you did not anticipate you could face. Remember wondering how you could visit libraries online through the vast collection of reading materials and select the most relevant one. These were things you would have succeeded if there was a physical library. Nevertheless, you learned how to search for reading materials independently and even consult with other online classmates to ensure you gathered enough resources. If selecting relevant digital materials was not a challenge enough, the next biggest challenge was adapting to learning alone without meeting with college colleagues to share your academic experiences with them. I know that was the most challenging moment, but you still finally developed a knack about it. You found ways to interact on social forums on various internet platforms, including online clubs. You managed to link with professionals in your course and ask for guidance whenever you had questions on difficult topics.

In your time, you must know why it is relevant to adhere to learning classes without needing to concentrate on social sites. I say that because I remember deciding whether to put much effort into social interaction on social sites that were at my full disposal or to spend my quality time wisely. I hope you will not forget the excitement when the new friends you met online regularly sent you gift emojis and constant chats. This was the most powerful moment for you because you knew it was damaging your concentration in your studies. Sometimes it was difficult to know when you were productive in studies or when interacting with colleagues to a greater extent was unhealthy to your learning. You now know better than online learning can be destructive to your social life if you include social networking as a part of co-curricular activities. Staying focused on studies was not an easy task since you also found that your social sphere was centered on these social sites. I am sure you know that this had not been the case before you knew what internet interaction entailed. However, since you started online classes, you had no choice but to reduce the network of friends in your physical world. That is right! And you did all these because you discovered more time was spent on the computer than in the physical world. Even though the social life and school work had proved to be challenging to balance, you still made it through; congratulations on achieving that goal.

You should be proud of leaving this chapter of your life with many new skills, including becoming a writing machine. I know typing on a computer’s keyboard proved difficult at the start since this was to become your major area whenever you would be doing and submitting assignments. Not all the skills concerning online learning direct a person to be competitive about many internet things. There is one personal attribute you learned that I want you never to forget: the virtue of perseverance. How were you able to type one letter after the other and make mistakes, and then read through your assignments to edit and present succinct papers? The answer to this is perseverance. You struggled to learn typing skills by understanding you would fail and still rise as a victor. This is why online interactions and jobs are accessible to you because you can easily communicate by typing without worrying that it is tiring.

Alongside these achievements you have made, I have an important advice to you. Do not fear starting online courses and focus on online courses and never consider them as an opportunity to pursue later in your future. There are not many people who can say they are from a national-touring country and have gone back to their homeland countries with a bachelor’s degree. You have watched both your career and education turn into success all because of that single day you decided to join college and do online courses. I hope reading this will make you smile as I do now as I am writing. Let this letter be a testament to you and your children that learning always comes first as the cornerstone of your life. Finally, it is such an incredible blessing that you have been able to combine work with your loved ones and changed all that into a more admirable life.

All of my love,

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