PHN- Response to Classmate (Leticia) Response (2) Topic 7 DQ 1-Describe the efforts of the American Public Health Association

PHN- Response to Classmate (Leticia) Response (2) Topic 7 DQ 1-Describe the efforts of the American Public Health Association

QUESTION-Describe the efforts of the American Public Health Association in quality improvement in health care delivery and public health. In what ways does this affect evaluation and population health management?

Classmate (Leticia) Response (2) Topic 7 DQ 1
American Public Health Association in quality improvements has made advances in health care in both the way care is delivered and the quality improvement in public health. The APHA system is to insure standards of setting, education programs and polices that will promote QI in a range of public health care systems. APHA has shared their experts and their support in embracing national programs that promote QI in public health. Some of these programs are Public Health Accreditation Board, Multi State Learning Collaborative Lead Sates in Public Health Quality Improvement, Turning Point Performance Management National Excellence Collaborative. The APHA is also engaged in Strategic partnership with the department of Health and Human Services to ensure the public health leaders are actively involved in quality improvement. Two existing standard based programs have set the stage for wide adoption of quality improvement (QI) methods. First, the National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP),17 launched in 1998, has been used by many state and local public health departments, as well as boards of health, to help guide their work to improve public health systems and governing boards. Second, the voluntary national Public Health Accreditation Board(PHAB) started accepting applications for its accreditation program in 2011. Many governmental public health departments have been preparing to meet the program’s standards for public health agencies since the draft guidance was released approximately two years earlier.
The American Public Health Association is committed to promoting quality improvement in the public health sector system to be comprehensive in our nation. Quality Improvement to best understand it, is the use of a deliberate and defined process of improvement, process such as the Plan-To-Check Act which is focused on activities that are responsible to community needs and improving population health. It refers to a continuous and ongoing efforts to achieve measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability, outcomes and other indicators of quality in services or processes which achieve and improve the health of the community.The First step within all QI process includes the collection of baseline data, implementing an intervention, and collecting and analyzing post- interventions data to measure how much improvements has been attained. QI is a prospective and proactive examination or existing processes and making measurable improvements. QI is self regulating, implemented by all stakeholders and staff, QI is an ongoing process to uncover the root cause of an issue as well as identified and implement interventions specifically aimed at addressing the problems.






Response to Classmate (Leticia) Response (2)

Agree with you that the American Public Health Association plays an important role in quality improvement healthcare delivery and public health. One of the ways that the APHA fulfills its purpose is by seeking to champion the health of all people and all communities across the US. The APHA also has different programs and services that promote quality in healthcare delivery and public health, such as annual expos and meetings where all public health professionals can meet, socialize and exchange ideas on how to enhance quality in public health (APHA, 2020). The APHA also promotes quality improvement, healthcare delivery, and public health through different multimedia approaches such as newspapers, journals, social media, and books, among others. These multimedia formats act as vital sources for public health professionals in their quest to provide quality public health services. APHA also promotes quality improvement in public health by providing public health professionals with numerous opportunities to continue education (DeJarnett et al., 2018). The APHA, therefore, offers public health professionals a chance to effectively continue education so as to be able to stay updated with different trends in public health and consistently provide quality services to the communities they serve.

APHA also promotes quality improvement, healthcare delivery, and public health through advocacy. The APHA consistently evaluates and monitors the dynamic political, social, scientific, and global environment of public health for all public health professionals and the communities they serve (DeJarnett et al., 2018). The APHA formulates and suggests effective policies that can support sufficient practice of public health and protects the well-being of different communities (APHA, 2020). I, therefore, believe that the current efforts of the APHA in quality improvement in health care delivery and public health are sufficient.


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