Pictures for My Story Assignment

Pictures for My Story Assignment

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Pictures for My Story

Having a daughter

Self-portrait with her daughter, Julie by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun 1786 CE period — Rococo, Neoclassicism, oil on canvas, measuring 130 x 94cm, used paint.

A Celebration of Famous Mothers in Art and Literature

(Stecyk, 2022).

The picture is significant because it demonstrates the creativity of the artwork as it relates to love and joy. The image uses lighting and color to bring out the beauty of Loise and her daughter. The foreground is overly bright and brightly depicts the actual appearance of the affectionate mother and daughter. The image was made during France revolution when Louse escaped from her oppressive husband Pictures for My Story.

The image means a lot to me regarding creativity and the use of color and lighting. The work is sufficient and will demonstrate my ability to tell my story using some of the most appealing images.

Having a son

Madonna of the Carnation by Leonardo DA Vinci, 1480 – Renaissance, oil painting