Plan for Professional Development

Plan for Professional Development.

· Describe which professional organizations you might join. If you are already a member of an organization, discuss how you have benefitted and how you could enhance benefits from your membership. Describe specifically what you can gain from involvement with these organizations and what you can contribute to the organizations.

· Describe at least three specific, measurable steps/actions you can take over the next 3–5 years that will enhance your professional career opportunities and help you reach your professional goals. Consider certifications that may better position you to gain new opportunities.

· Identify career goals in the context of the dynamic healthcare environment and the specific skills and knowledge needed to maintain a competitive advantage. Consider additional work experiences, even in your current workplace, you might seek that will enhance your opportunities in the future. Also consider what community involvement activities you might engage in that will authentically demonstrate your commitment to a community orientation and social change. Consider managerial and leadership skills you need to enhance. Explain your rationale for each, including how it will specifically help position you for continued growth.

· Describe at least five action steps needed for your “Plan for Professional Development.” Using a “Word Table,” break the steps down into specific, measurable steps that include target date, event, and milestone. Provide rationale for each action step




Plan for Professional Development

I am a member of the Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs (NOVA), American Nurses Associations (ANA), and Sigma Global Nursing Excellence. These professional organizations offer exclusive benefits to their members. Therefore, as a member, I gained my membership in these organizations. One of the benefits I have enjoyed access to continuing education webinars. For instance, NOVA and Sigma offer free webinars to their members on a variety of clinical topics, such as evidence-based practice, root cause analysis, self-care advancement, and safe patient handling. This has helped me to advance my nursing knowledge and skills. Secondly, I have been able to develop connections and built enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with other NOVA and ANA nurses nationwide by attending Annual meetings for the professional organizations. Thirdly, these professional organizations offer volunteership opportunities to their members. As a NOVA member, I got an opportunity to volunteer on a NOVA committee. This enabled me to connect with fellow VA nurses and develop leadership skills. Lastly, my membership in professional organizations has helped me to access professional development resources such as mentorship programs. Also, they have career centers that have helped to access diverse resources and knowledge that is crucial for my career.

My major goal is to advance my nursing career. Here are some of the measurable steps/actions I intend to take to over the next 3-5 years to realize my professional goals and career opportunities. First, I want to improve my leadership skills by enrolling in a nursing leadership program. This will enhance my ability to implement and manage strategic plans and interventions in nursing practice. Secondly, I aim to obtain professional certifications including CNL certification. This will enhance my leadership skills and the ability to implement evidence-based practice. Lastly, I want to develop and advance my professional network to help me advance my career and achieve professional goals.

I also aim to maintain a competitive advantage in the dynamic healthcare environment by enhancing specific skills and knowledge. For instance, I will improve my understanding of relevant diversity in healthcare to improve my ability to design and implement culturally relevant healthcare for diverse populations. Also, I will participate in various events in the community to address various health issues affecting the residents. To achieve this, I will apply evidence-based practice recommendations and professional standards of care to enhance the prevention and control of diseases to improve the health status of individuals, families, populations, and communities. Lastly, there is a significant technological change at my workplace. As a result, I intend to improve my technological skills.

Plan for Professional Development

Steps Activity
Step 1 Self-assessment
Step 2 Goals
Step 3 Strategies
Step 4 Resources
Step 5 Timelines/Deadlines





A self-assessment will allow me to examine my current position in relation to my career goals to determine my current skills and interests. With this information, I will identify areas in which I can improve to realize my goals. My second step will include setting SMART short-term, medium, and long-term goals to help me track my progress towards achieving my professional development plan. Thirdly, I will develop professional development plan strategies that will serve as a guide towards achieving my goals. Fourthly, I will identify resources that will help me achieve my professional development plan. They will include networking opportunities. Lastly, I will set deadlines to ensure I achieve the goals within the required period.