Post-Impressionism Discussion Essay

Post-Impressionism Discussion Essay

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  1. Graphic designers of History

The Chrysanthemum by Piet Mondrian is a significant image that presents his ideas regarding post-impressionism. He uses a flower to present his idea as he believes that through flowers, more profound beauty is hidden. Through his work, Piet uses balance and alignment principles to enhance his work. For example, the flower painting depicts high levels of stability in the structure. Though the weight is not evenly distributed across the image box still, there is an idea of asymmetrical balance where aspects of color, contrasts, and scale are used Post-Impressionism Discussion Essay.

A similar color across the image is vital in enhancing balance such that no variation is easily identified. Secondly, the principle of alignment is well applied in the image such that it enhances a tremendous visual connection with the elements of design. The principle ensures that the image is put in order such that the shapes, images, and blocks are in order; hence elements that are not placed strategically are eliminated. The artist is creative in his painting of the flower and makes creative decisions concerning color and shape. The extreme application of one color makes the painting exciting and straightforward.

Figure 1: Chrysanthemum

  1. Contemporary art design

Alex Trochut is creative in his painting of a topography spotlight. The image is significant in its appearance, and texture making is fascinating and appealing. The principle of proximity is central to this image as it helps create relationships through related colors and shapes. The elements used in the image are not grouped but are visually grouped concerning their size, color, and font. For example, in this image, the use of pink, light blue, and black colors serves as an essential part of identifying the diverse shapes used and even makes it possible to read the words Post-Impressionism Discussion Essay.

The image is critical in that even though it is a visual art, it contains a strong message which can be understood by carefully studying the image. In addition, the principle of repetition is widely explored in the image. For instance, the use of color and shapes are evenly repeated, and it is through this aspect of repetition that rhythm is created, and also the entire design is strengthened. The repetition also makes it possible for the viewers to trace the patterns and, finally, the words painted.

Figure 2: topography spotlight

3: Graphic Designers use of layout and the Grid

The book dress by Chelsea Merola is a creative piece that showcases essential elements of graphic design. For instance, using a book, the artists can design a model’s dress that appeals perfectly. Through this graphic design, layout, one principle that is well expressed is the principle of the rule. In design, some rules are supposed to be broken to achieve a positive outcome. The main aspects of graphic design are to present a communication about an object.

For example, in the book dressed image, it is evident that some exaggerations have been made to enhance the outcome. In addition, the principle of contrast is significant in this image as it presents contrasts in terms of colors and design. For example, the use of white and red a far apart and makes the book dress appear fashionable. In addition, the two colors make the image have some contrasts of old-fashioned and contemporary. This is because the old fashioned concentrated more on one color while the contemporary period is more concerned with the mixing of colors.

Figure 3: book dress

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