Professional development plan

Professional development plan

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Question 1

Clinical Manager

The clinical manager is a type of medical and health service manager, who works in both administrative and medical aspects of a healthcare facility. This healthcare manager can work in a physician’s office, outpatient facility, clinic, and a skilled nursing facility. One of the responsibilities of this manager includes managing recruitment and training of new staff and supervises them in clerical, administrative, and clinical areas. Secondly, this manager develops and implements policies and work standards. Thirdly, the healthcare professional manages all financial operations by formulating, enforcing budgets, and making annual reports. Fourthly, clinical managers lead other healthcare professionals and other healthcare stakeholders to enhance clinical quality and increase growth.

HR Manager

An HR manager works at healthcare organizations to ensure the delivery of high-quality care for patients. To this, they play various vital duties and responsibilities, including recruiting and hiring talent, managing personnel and addressing claims, selecting benefits and compensation, and monitoring employee performance.

Rehab Manager

The rehab manager majorly works in a private or publicly-funded rehabilitation center. However, they can as well work for corporations, hospitals, and government agencies. Some of the roles this manager performs in these healthcare settings include creating and implementing schedules, supervising the rehab healthcare team, addressing disciplinary concerns, and reviewing customer complaints.

Mental Health Facility administrator

Healthcare managers and administrators can be employed in mental health facilities to perform the management roles. Some of the duties and responsibilities they handle in a mental health facility include managing the revenue and funding cycles, creating and reviewing organizational plans and goals, overseeing quality assurance and compliance with healthcare regulations, and coordinating healthcare services throughout the facility.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I will bring various strengths to the four different administrative and managerial positions and also address various weaknesses that may arise. First, in the HR management role, I will bring important skills such as effective communication skills, hard work, good leadership, and self-motivation. However, I need to improve my knowledge about the diverse cultures at my workplace include the current healthcare workforce is more diverse. Also, I need to improve my interpersonal skills to allow me to interact with people from diverse healthcare settings easily.

Secondly, as a healthcare clinic manager, I present good communication and leadership skills, which are crucial for delegating tasks effectively and motivating a cohesive workforce. However, I lack experience in performing marketing analysis which is necessary for determining the change in growth. Also, I need to enhance my ability to implement new or revise policies.

Also, I have extensive knowledge of mental health and self-awareness skills, which will enhance my roles as a mental health facility administrator. Lastly, I present strong personal skills like effective communication, which are necessary for the rehab management role. However, I need to improve my knowledge and experience on how to use evidence to improve rehabilitation.

Question 3

Some of the improvements I need to be effective and innovative in the healthcare administrative roles include research skills. This will enable me to identify healthcare challenges and address them. Secondly, I need to learn how to implement and revise evidence-based practice recommendations in healthcare practice. Thirdly, I should gain sufficient knowledge about healthcare regulations and policies to enhance compliance. Lastly, the four leadership positions require effective decision-making skills. Therefore, I will improve my decision-making skills through training and mentorship programs.

Question 4

I have various opportunities for expanding personal innovative leadership. I take the new nurse manager basics workshop through ANA. This course will equip me with the necessary leadership and communication skills required to run a healthcare facility effectively. Also, I am taking a master’s degree in nursing. This will help me advance my clinical leadership skills.