Pros and cons of nursing essay

Pros and cons of nursing essay

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Provides exposure to hands-on practice in the nursing field. Giardino & Hickey (2020) note that a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) equips individuals with robust knowledge concerning the processes within the nursing field and prepares them through equipping nurses with up-to-date nursing practice approaches.

Provides nurses with an opportunity to venture into the field of research. Advanced practice is associated with increased knowledge through research (Tussing et al., 2018). Pros and cons of nursing essay By acquiring a DNP, a nurse is in a better position to handle nursing research and identify the best-practice methods and approaches appropriate for the healthcare environment. Through research, nurses acquire relevant solutions for preexisting problems.

Advanced specialty practice. Nurses have the chance to specialize in one area they find their strength. However, in other cases, DNP nurses can work within the general environment and help improve it through advanced knowledge and skills that help create a positive healthcare environment Pros and cons of nursing essay.


By pursuing a DNP, the nursing discipline is eroded. The number of Ph.D.-prepared nurses is decreased tremendously (Udlis & Mancuso, 2012). Pros and cons of nursing essay Despite being a terminal degree, a DNP fails to provide an outcome-focused on nurse clinicians.

It is considered a waste of time and resources. This is because an MSN degree performs the same job and helps enhance patient care the same way a DNP does. A clinical doctorate is not necessary for patient care, and outcomes since nurses with an MSN have the same outcomes.


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