Provision Of A Healthy Working Environment For Employees

Provision Of A Healthy Working Environment For Employees


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One approach to encourage the team is through sharing the vision and setting clear goals (Hsiao et al., 2017). As an advanced practice nurse, it is essential to share the vision and set clear and concise goals easily understood. The research team can only be motivated to appraise research articles by knowing what they are working towards and what is expected of them by the end of the teamwork. Provision Of a Healthy Working Environment For Employees By understanding the vision and goals, each team member will achieve their individual goal within the team for the ultimate goal to be accomplished, which is the appraisal of research articles.

Provision of a healthy working environment. A healthy working environment is essential because it creates a positive working environment, as noted by Santirso et al. (2020). This means the team members have every necessary equipment or material at their disposal. Additionally, they have a healthy environment that supports their individual needs. A healthy working environment promotes healthy behavior that increases the working energy and productivity of the team members. A healthy working environment reduces stress among the team members. Lack of stress is associated with productivity since people can focus on the task at hand Provision Of a Healthy Working Environment For Employees.

Giving positive feedback. Feedback is always critical to encouraging people. Whenever the team members are provided with positive feedback, they work extra hard because they feel appreciated for their contributions (Henry et al., 2018). In every step they take, the research team can encourage positive feedback concerning their contributions.


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