Purnell Model For Cultural Competence Essay

Purnell Model For Cultural Competence Essay


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I agree that the Purnell Model of Cultural Competence (PMCC) is an appropriate model for integrating cultural competency in the healthcare sector. According to Purnell & Fenkl (2019), this model integrates several factors such as communication, education, and administration. Communication is an essential aspect in building a holistic environment for the development of a culturally competent environment. By communicating, nurses understand more about the patient, including their culture, and thereby develop ways to address their individualistic needs. Purnell Model For Cultural Competence Essay I agree that the PMCC is essential in culturally competent practice because it involves the family. The patient’s family plays a substantial role in developing a treatment plan that results in better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, as Purnell indicates (2020). They typically have information about the patient that may be useful in the development of a therapeutic procedure. The PMCC is essential because of its educative nature (Purnell, 2019). By stressing the importance of education, nurses, advance their knowledge and have a better understanding concerning the family role structure’s value and how the family structure and communication can be integrated into the healthcare sector to help the patient and address their issue through a culturally competent method Purnell Model For Cultural Competence Essay.


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