Read thread and submit a reply to it. Your reply must be 200–250 words. When composing your reply- note that statements such as I like what you said or I disagree with your comment do not count as

Read thread and submit a reply to it. Your reply must be 200–250 words.

When composing your reply, note that statements such as “I like what you said” or “I disagree with your comment” do not count as replies. You must explain why you liked or disliked the thread by adding additional thoughts or ideas if you agreed with the author, or by providing alternative thoughts or ideas when you disagree with the author. Keep in mind that, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinions, you must be respectful and courteous in every interaction.


William Bradford was a prolific writer of the colonial era.  Through his eyes, he saw the world, and through his words he portrayed what mighty danger it held.  While another popular author John Smith set out to tell wild tales of adventure, William Bradford set out to plainly explain the world before him.  Instead of crazy tales he taught about struggle and how this wicked place they had entered was a place that carried much pain with it.

William Bradford is an example to the modern Christian by showing us exactly what lengths some will go to exemplify Christ.  Bradford and some very dedicated Christians cast aside their place in the world in order to practice their faith in the world in which God created.  These Puritan men and woman are responsible for the start of some of the earliest European colonies.

Bradford is an example of a dedicated Christian.  Sometimes it can be easy for us to feel conflicted on what to do in certain social situations, but Bradford gives us a very clear example of what to do.  We should focus on following our faith and prevail against persecution.  Bradford was willing to sail into a new world full of danger to preserve his faith, why should we not stand up for our faith among strangers and friends alike and spread the gospel of God?  I believe the we should be led by Bedford’s example and invite others to listen to Bedford’s story as it gives us strength to follow Jesus through life’s toughest challenges.