Reflection paper

  1. Founded in 1943, ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is the global leader in developing and delivering innovative programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner. Complete a free  Personal Change assessment (the LINK has not worked, so we are downloading the PDF file Download PDF file.
  2. Next, watch the following video from True Colors author Mary Miscisin, and complete the True Colors assessment(Links to an external site.).  IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE ASSESSMENT, JUST USE THIS PDF.  TrueColors Download TrueColors

After taking these assessments, write a 1-2 page APA formatted paper describing your results, your thoughts on the outcome of the assessments, and how to best use the information you learned.

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The true color personality reveals distinct personality traits, indicating the characteristic patterns of behaviors, feelings and thoughts, as well as shedding light on the likes, dislikes and values. The True Colors Personality Test was conducted based on 11 questions to describe the traits that influence relationships, health and wellbeing. The results of the test were 30 for the blue color, 27 for the gold color, 26 for the green colors and 26 for the orange color. Each of the four colors corresponds to a personality trait. The most dominant colors are blue and gold. The color blue indicates a calming personality that focuses on spirituality and emotional intensity while finding happiness in having a harmonious relationship with others. When faced with conflict, I go out of my way to find a solution. Also, I am a good communicator and caretaker, with deep compassion, caring and strong imagination that finds joy in the arts. The color gold indicates sticking to tradition, dependability and authenticity. I need organization and structure to thrive, and find it difficult to perform well when faced with disorder. I value trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility and integrity. Blue and gold are my primary personality test colors, showing that I am caring and warm towards others even as I find satisfaction in helping. Also, I am opinionated with deep rooted values (O’Connell, Cuthbertson & Goins, 2016).

Other than the personality test, the results of the change readiness test reveals an inclination towards resourcefulness, passion/drive and confidence as the most dominant traits. They indicate an inclination to have control over the change situation by controlling all the factors and not leaving anything to change. This supports leadership efforts. The results of the two personality test create a self-awareness of the dominant feelings, thoughts and behaviors. They indicate that I would perform well in a career that involves dealing with people, such as nursing, social work and human resource. Also, I would perform well in leadership as I am detail oriented, focus on working towards a clear goal that keep me on track and want to be in control (Schreiter, 2018).


O’Connell, T. S., Cuthbertson, B., & Goins, T. J. (Eds.) (2016). Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services. Human Kinetics.

Schreiter, T. (2018). The Four Color Personalities for MLM: The Secret Language for Network Marketing. Fortune Network Publishing, Inc.