Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution


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I feel the author of the second amendment intended to have the public protected by their militia, who cannot do so if they are not equipped with Arms. This statement was coined at the inception of the country, and it was written by people who desired to protect their sovereignty by claiming their right to have armed forces (Tucker, 2019). The statement does not have two issues at play since the author intends to Arm their militia and keep them so unchallenged by other nations. By referring to the author’s historical setting, I do not feel he wanted to Arm the entire population Second Amendment to the United States Constitution .

Homicide in the United States

I feel the homicide rates in America are higher than any other nation globally because of the ease of access to guns. A gun is a historical symbol of violence and power, so when a person owns one, they are alluded to having superiority over others. An Armed person is dangerous when exposed to moving emotions such as grief, anger, or sadness. I feel that an emotionally unstable person is likely to accidentally commit a crime of passion (Siegel, 2017). However, the gun causes the increase in homicide due to callousness because people are given power with no place to channel the power. In history, the world used to be at war, so people had more opportunities to relieve their urges.

Relations of guns to the number of homicides

I feel a direct correlation between guns and homicide in American society because the number of cases has increased with Guns’ availability. I feel the chances of a person killing another increase when they have a gun since it disassociates the killer from the victim by eliminating the abstract nature of killing (Siegel, 2017). Since a gun is a long-range weapon, a person does not have to be involved in any physical violence, which takes the remorse of homicide away because the weapon acts as an intermediary. I feel that the number of homicides would go down if people did not have the means that make killing easier.

NRA president’s statements

I am afraid I have to disagree with the statements of the former and current NRA presidents because Guns are instruments of violence. They encourage even people who are generally not violent to partake in crime. If fewer are armed, there would be fewer violent crimes because the field would be level, and criminals can be stopped with a lower risk of losing a life (Volsky, 2019). For instance, the killers at Columbine High School in Colorado would not have killed as many people as possible if they did not have weapons. I would argue that even the victims would have had a chance to defend themselves because it is not easy to kill a person without an efficient weapon Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Allowing mentally disabled people to buy guns and the open carry law

The recent development of allowing mentally challenged people to legally own guns and the "open carry law" in Texas is a failure in the legislative oversight. My thought is based on the notion that a mentally challenged person is likely to be unstable, and allowing them to own guns created a potential danger to society (Philpott‐Jones, 2018). Furthermore, we have seen how the "open carry law" has created regrettable situations in the form of school shootings. The legislators are responsible for such occurrences because they allowed irresponsible children to own weapons.

Stricter gun laws

I favor stricter gun laws because they have caused more harm than good in society. I believe that the "inherent constitutional right" contradicts peace in the country because arming people amplifies everyday misunderstandings into criminal activities. Giving citizens’ guns create animosity and makes any negotiation efforts between rivals in the county futile since they are hasty to violent tenancies (Filindra, 2018). I believe that stricter gun laws will ensure that people are more poised and slower to violence because the acts would ensure that both the victim and the offender live to face their choice’s consequences.


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