Sustaining Growth and Creating Opportunities

Sustaining Growth and Creating Opportunities

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Aug 11, 2019

Health through sustainable agriculture and food consumption in Iraq.

Iraq is also affected by malnutrition, especially among children, the development of diet-related disease among adults, and the general poor health status of the population. The supply of food might have increased in the country, but quality and sustainability are significant problems. The Iraq government has come up with various initiatives to ensure sustainable food production and consumption through cooperation with other agencies such as World Bank, World Food Programmde, World Health Organization, and the Food and Agriculture Organization Sustaining Growth and Creating Opportunities.

Rehabilitation of irrigation systems helps farmers abandon flooding their fields, which causes soil erosion hence fertility depreciation. It also reduces soil salinity, which is a significant problem in the country. The government and the World Bank are determined to repair irrigation and drainage systems to promote a variety of foods. For example, vegetables that will significantly help reduce malnutrition (World Bank Group, pg 21).

Promoting the use of modern technology and techniques in farming to promote vegetable growing, especially around urban areas. (World Bank Group, pg 22) This move will reduce the costs and dependence on imported vegetables from neighboring countries, promoting access to the crucial diet components, especially for mothers and children. An example of vegetables whose production has increased in the country includes tomatoes and potatoes.

The government and other agencies are also investing in training farmers on modern farming methods that are less labor-intensive and address various environmental problems such as shortage of irrigation water (World Bank Group, pg. 22). The farmers are also trained in marketing; hence can access markets and sell their products quickly through the establishment of more substantial connections with consumers or other buyers. Farmers’ training helps them to grow a variety of crops to beat various market challenges such as competition. This are advantages to consumers as they can access balanced diets at reasonable prices, hence improving their health significantly.

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