The American Policy Assignment Essay

The American Policy Assignment Essay


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Part one

The recent trade war between China and the United States was steadily escalating to a point short of war. The foreign policy applied to this interaction fell short of quality, which is why the world witnessed the two nations inflict trade barriers on each other. If the United States applied the Hamilton thought, the situation would have had a different outcome. This is because the American policy would have been as wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove (Rand, 2017). Therefore, policymakers would have considered the benefits trades between the nations brought and formulated a policy that favors individual business owners, the innocent like a dove part The American Policy Assignment Essay.

Additionally, the policy would restrict intergovernmental transactions, which would prevent further conflict with china. This is meant to show firm action against a nation that attempts to challenge the United States publicly without involving business owners. If China chooses to retaliate by creating heavier sanctions, the world trade organization would perceive China as the instigator of trade barriers and take stipulated action against them, making America wise as a serpent. Using policies to attack a nation that does not appear as intrusive to force the target nation to retaliate unwisely helps the United States gunner support from other nations against their target The American Policy Assignment Essay.


China—Not Trump—Could Lose Most in a Trade War with U.S.

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