The black power mixtape film analysis summary

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Assignment N-2: "The Black Power Mixtape."

In my opinion, the film is very accurate and appropriate for addressing racism and discrimination in the United States. I feel that it manages to paint or show the truth about how the mainstream media shaped race relations and plunged the country into more hatred. This is surprising because Swedish media, which represented the international media, hailed "The Black Power Movement" and demonstrated the need to consider grievances by the African American leaders. It is also very sad to watch the pain and the struggle of African Americans as they fight for equal rights and treatment despite having been part and parcel of people who build the country from nothing. Most sacrificed their lives in battles in places like Vietnam, fighting for a country and people who despised them and saw them as outcasts just because of their black skin pigmentation. Though racism and discrimination are considered domestic issues in the United States, the film shows that the participation and concern of people globally can help in dealing with the menace. Therefore, modern producers and directors should continue releasing similar films to educate the American population, which will help in promoting racial equality.

The film has reinforced my previous ideologies about race relations in the United States, primarily on the contribution of the Swedish media towards the recognition of "The Black Power Movement." The failure of mainstream media to support the movement significantly minimized the ability of the Congress, Senate, and other government institutions to consider legislation that would ensure racial equality. The mainstream media also painted African American leaders as criminals, especially Angela Davis, which denied the movement credibility and power to represent the minority (Olsson). This increased racism and tensions between African Americans and white Americans because the black Americans interpreted it as inappropriate and ignorant. The demonstration of the poor living conditions of African Americans has reinforced ideologies on race relations where racism and discrimination contributed to these living conditions.

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