The Go-Giver Give Exceptional Value

The Go-Giver Give Exceptional Value

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  • True worth is measured not by the amount of payment, acquired, but by the value given. According to Joe, this statement did not make sense because he felt by giving more weight and not focusing on the pay would eventually see him run bankrupt. Nonetheless, giving more value counts in business since clients consider value, and value leads to higher quality. It is in the value that a business provides that it succeeds and gets the payment The Go-Giver Give Exceptional Value .
  • Does it make money a good question, but should not ever be the first question when starting a business. The main question people ask is whether the service or action taken in business will make money. This is a viable question considering the leading reason for developing a business is to make money. Nevertheless, it should never be used as the first question since it will be misleading to a business person.
  • Always surpass the expectations that individuals have at any given time. For a business to exceed people’s expectations, the value must be integrated. People are still willing to pay more for value. In a corporation, people will often go with a specific expectation of the service or product they want to purchase. Whenever their expectations are exceeded, they will be willing to pay more because they feel that the service or product satisfies their desires and exceeds.
  • Reaching organizational goals requires a combination of knowledge and people’s skills. It takes only 10% of the experience and technical skills needed to attain organizational goals. The rest of the 90% comes from people skills. The skills other people have within a business environment contribute substantially to the accomplishment of any organizational goals The Go-Giver Give Exceptional Value.
  • The most valuable item an individual can present to others is themselves. In business, irrespective of the products or services being sold, the most valuable thing sold to clients is you. This means the input a business person invests within the business with the effort of making it thrive.
  • The secret to success is giving. People who want to win in their businesses must learn the art of giving. To acquire people skills, an individual has to offer themselves to the rest of the people surrounding them, such as buyers and workers.
  • A person cannot be successful with the main goal of making money. This is suicidal and is like driving on a superhighway at high speed while looking at the rearview mirror. Success is only acquired when people glue their focus on giving and sharing with others.
  • What people focus on is what they often get in the end. Those who look for trouble or conflict often get crisis or conflict, respectively. While in business, if you go looking for people to take advantage of you, you will often find such people. This means people should always have their focus and priorities set right.
  • The law of compensation. The income attained within a business is determined by the number of clients served and how well they are served. For compensation to be achieved, it is crucial to show value to clients and prospective buyers.
  • Influence is paramount. Value comes from placing the needs and wants of others first, thus making them a priority. This is the primary way to influence others is through identifying their needs and prioritizing them.


  1. How can you avoid people taking advantage of you while in business?
  2. What are the different ways to add value to the business?
  3. How can you evaluate the value given within an organization?


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