The Research Process Sample Paper

The Research Process Sample Paper

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I agree with your argument that often research can be pretentious and require people, money, and consumes time. According to Bouma & Carland (2016), a lot of time is spent dealing with all aspects of research. For instance, research requires data collection and may use the quantitative research method. When quantitative research is used, respondents need to be identified, and samples need to be taken to help in answering the research question and developing informed conclusions. Data collection may take years or months, a tedious and hectic exercise that may make the researcher fatigued. The research may have other detrimental effects or aspects that result in conflicts. For example, it may be thought that the primary aim of research in healthcare is to develop evidence-based results that benefit healthcare. Nonetheless, other researchers may be driven by other needs, such as greed for money, focusing on the research to be paid. This can lead to compromise because researchers can develop biased conclusions with their eyes on the price, which is no benefit to the healthcare sector, but instead the development of conclusions for the sake of money. I also agree that policy implements can interpret policies differently. Interpretation may result in adverse effects on the healthcare sector. Those involved in policy changes can have a different interpretation of research results. Hoogesteger & Wester (2017) argue that instead of implementing what was expected by the researchers, policymakers end up implementing their understanding, which affects the healthcare industry and slows its performance The Research Process Sample Paper.


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