The trade war between China and America Essay

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The trade war between China and America Essay

In the recent past, there have been many events happening globally and also at the state level. One of the main issues that have been on the limelight has been what may be called trade war between the U.S. and the Chinese governments. Especially in the past few months, these two countries have engaged in numerous trade wars by using bans and trade tariffs. Both presidents have always retaliated with a decision to hinder the other being successful, which has been termed as a cold war. Despite the various trade barriers that both governments have used, other better alternatives could be integrated to avoid any collision in the future The trade war between China and America Essay.

The trade war between China and America may seem to many as a war between two nations. However, the global economy stands to lose if the battle between these two governments intensifies. China has always specialized in the manufacture of toys and shoes. Nonetheless, China has expanded its manufacturing sector, engaging in activities such as the manufacture of electric vehicles, robotics, artificial intelligence systems, and 5G telecom, an area that America has always dominated. For this reason, the Chinese government has managed to engage in numerous trade activities globally including with the U.S. Nevertheless, the trade practices used by China are not impressive to the U.S. government and more specifically the president, Donald Trump. Even before taking office in 2016, Trump always raised his concerns about the trading practices used by China. After taking office, having the authority and holding the highest office in the land, Trump issued a directive for the investigating of the Chinese trade practices in 2017 The trade war between China and America Essay. According to Trump, there has been a trade imbalance between America and China, whereby the American has been purchasing numerous products from China, whereas China has not been reciprocating. Therefore, Trump and his team have been trying to get China to buy more American products, which will consequently reduce the trade imbalance involved. To do this, Trump’s government has been imposing trade tariffs with the hope that this will make the Chinese change. For instance, in May, the American government imposed a higher tariff on Chinese exports, subsequently increasing it from ten percent to twenty-five percent. China was not left behind either as it increased its tariff on sixty billion dollars of American goods. The trade war between China and America Essay Moreover, Trump’s administration placed a ban on Huawei products restricting American companies from trading with the Chinese company.

Notwithstanding, although the two administrations thought imposing tariffs was the right method, there is an alternative. The two presidents need to sit down and settle things out to prevent the battle from intensifying. These two parties can have talks concerning China’s trade practices and come into a consensus that will leave each state happy instead of using tariffs, which will have a global impact. Peaceful talks are the way to go, and in case a mediator is needed, the United Nations can oversee the whole process to avoid any conflicts that could lead to future wars The trade war between China and America Essay.

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