Time and stress management

Time and stress management


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Time and stress management are essential aspects within the nursing fraternity and two of the main elements that may act as barriers to success for advanced nursing professionals. Many times, and stress management strategies exist that can be implemented for better performance. One of the stress management approaches, I integrate is communication and collaboration. Having a mentor is an essential aspect. Time and stress management A mentor is an individual who is experienced within a given field. Because of such experience, a mentor can help overcome stress at the workplace or in any other given field since the mentor gets to provide appropriate guidance. Working under a mentor has been effective in time and stress management since the mentor has been coaching me on what I am expected to do and how I should behave. A time management approach I integrate is time planning. The organization is a critical aspect that aids in the management of time. Planning is part of the organization. Talebi et al. (2019) dictate that time planning helps prioritize issues based on their urgency and importance, leading to success. Another appropriate way that helps in stress management is communication. Communication is sharing the problem with another person. When sharing, solutions can be acquired quickly and thus reduce stress (Viveros & Schramm, 2018 Time and stress management Anytime I share whatever I find challenging or the aspect stressing me with a colleague, we both act as a team and strategize on how to eliminate the stress or reduce it to a significantly acceptable level, which has turned out to be an effective technique due to positive decision-making.


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