Topic 8 – Response to classmate EBP draft -purpose to get feedback from peers

Topic 8 – Response to classmate EBP draft -purpose to get feedback from peers

Instructions for classmate response-

Response to classmate response-(1)-Jessi  Re: Topic 8 DQ 1 (Please see upload for classmate EBP paper)—


Classmates are posting a rough draft of their “Evidence-Based Practice Presentation.” The purpose of this draft is to get feedback from peers. They will identify at least two areas they would like specific feedback for improvement.

Jessi’s REQUEST-

-This Classmate wants specific feedback on the implementation and data analysis sections of her final project paper.

-Also comment on anything you feel is successful or could be further improved in her project/paper

-Provide critical commentary on her posted presentation. (See upload for posted presentation)





Reply to Jessy

The implementation plan of reducing health disparity within the Fayetteville area is well presented with the interventions keenly targeting the vulnerable and economically challenged African American community. The use of a Mobile Health Bus to bring the healthcare services close to the needy population cannot afford transport to quality healthcare parts of the country. You have explained that the government will be involved in financing and setting up a quality local hospital for the availability of extra resources required for the intervention. You have also ensured that the trial study participants sign a form of consent, which is an ethical practice and a compulsory requirement in healthcare research (Haddad, & Geiger., 2018).

In your presentation, you have not established a clear communication strategy to reach the government, the local hospital administration and the local Fayetteville community that requires the intervention. Communication in healthcare is a crucial element in implementing a plan because it determines the levels at which different stakeholders will charge towards the plan (Merlino, 2017). You should have indicated that you will hold a meeting with the government officials and write a request letter to the hospital management in bringing them on board. You cannot also take services to a community that is uninformed about the nature of services. Thus, you should define the procedures of communicating to the community before taking the services. Communication strategies such as using local radio stations, letter to key social areas such as schools, and involvement of the local leadership in engaging the local community will be effective in reaching the specific targets. The data analysis section provides a little information on how the data collected will be analyzed for evaluation. The analysis should provide the key variables to be used or keyed into the excel sheet. Colaizzi’s (1978) data analysis approach is not explained, and thus, it is important to provide more information on how you plan to analyze the data.



Haddad, L. M., & Geiger, R. A. (2018). Nursing ethical considerations.

Merlino, J. (2017). Communication: A critical healthcare competency. Patient Saf. Qual. HealthCare.