Topic: Having completed this course of study- carefully reflect upon the literature and share how one (1) of the literary pieces- authors(William Bradford)- characters- or periods studied in this cour

Topic: Having completed this course of study, carefully reflect upon the literature and share how one (1) of the literary pieces, authors(William Bradford), characters, or periods studied in this course can be used as a Christian witness or salvific tool to fulfill the Great Commission. Identify the title, character, author, or period of the chosen literary piece and begin with a cogent thesis statement, then offer detailed support and show control over the topic.

you will be well equipped to respond with a thread and at least 1 reply that show your ability to write analytically; follow standard composition and grammar usage; define and characterize each period of American Literature from its beginning through the Renaissance or Romantic periods; understand what it means to evaluate works as literary products of their age; discuss the unique literary style(s) of authors and draw comparisons among the various authors/texts studied; evaluate the varied provenance of American literature from a biblical worldview, particularly its religious, sociopolitical, economic, cultural, and literary derivations; determine the validity and logical consistency of claims and/or positions, using reading comprehension strategies when relevant; structure an argument or position using credible evidence and valid reasoning; compare and contrast the biblical worldview with a non-biblical worldview, evaluating the influence of assumptions and contexts on ethics and values; and relate critical thinking and ethics to participation in God’s redemptive work. (MLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; CT 1, 2, 3, 5).

your thread must answer the discussion prompt in 200–250 words. This parameter helps to promote writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit your classmates to read all of the postings. As you compose your thread, use the citation format required by your degree program to cite all references to, or quotes from, external authors or sources. To let your instructor know which style of documentation you are using, write MLA, APA, or Turabian in the title of your thread as follows: Title – Citation style (e.g., “Christians and the Study of Literature – APA”).