Topic Reflection paper

Watch the following video on diversity.

After watching the video, write a short reflection discussing your thoughts on what you took away from the video.  Also, please share your thoughts on diversity and how they apply to your organization.

This reflection should be a Word Document, 1-2 pages, double spaced, and in Times New Roman 12 font.

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The video is quite informative, especially on what diversity really means in the real business world. I have understood that diversity is beyond the traditional definition of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability difference. It entails the difference in ideas, opinions, thoughts, academic qualifications, experience levels, area of specialization, and career levels. The small difference that one would overlook falls within diversity, and acknowledging the difference goes a long way than disregarding it. There are no two people with similar characteristics, even those in equal job positions and the same area of practice, which tells the importance of emphasizing diversity beyond traditional definitions. Thus, emphasizing diversity involves inclusion policies that aim to give people equal access to decision-making, career advancement, and resources (Shore et al., 2018). It is the act of making workers feel valued and that their perspectives are considered. It is all about improving the experience of workers and their work satisfaction (Brimhall et al., 2017).

Encouraging and supporting diversity in the workforce is essential for successful people management. It entails valuing every individual in the organization. To realize the rewards of diversity at the workplace, one must create an inclusive environment that allows each person to participate and attain their full potential (Roberson, 2019). Promoting diversity has benefits like maintaining talents. People want to work in organizations with good employment practices that allow them to contribute to their very best. Thus, organizations need to support diversity and inclusion to recruit and retain the people with the best skills in their area of specialization, improving their competitiveness. It includes creating workplace cultures that emphasize openness and inclusivity where each individual feels valued, respected, and recognized contributions. Last, it involves flexible job design and working conditions, which significantly attracts and retains a large pool of talents. It translates to improved quality of the healthcare provided.



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