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Should the images on the American currencies be changed? This has been a controversial issue that has warranted a debate among many individuals in America. The images availed within the different denominations of money have been associated with several American leaders. The American nation has had many leaders in its history, leaders who have made significant contributions. These are the individuals whose list has been chosen to have leaders within the American dollar because of their essential contributions. Having the faces of some of these leaders within the various currency denominations has been considered a symbol of honor and appreciation for their contributions to the American country. However, as time has passed, some have found it essential to change the currency’s images and have new images U.S. Currency Design Changes Argumentative Essay. This has not been an easy task, and although some of the images have been changed, some still trigger a heated debate between supporters of both sides, the proponents and opponents. Recently, the discussion has been centered around changing the image of Ulysses S. Grant to Ronald Wilson Reagan. Many claims have been raised concerning this change, with supporters of Grant opposing the change. The $50 bill should have a chance, and this change should involve the shift of Grant’s image to Reagan’s image due to Reagan’s contributions to the US.

Reagan’s image should be printed on the US currency because his work as the US president is beneficial. The president’s position is the highest position in the land and the most influential position. Those who hold that position are expected to enact changes that transform the US by helping the citizens. Reagan is considered to be such a president. Proponents of Reagan’s image on the currency denote that the benefits attained through the works he performed in America will live for multiple generations (Time to Change the $50 Bill) U.S. Currency Design Changes Argumentative Essay. This earns him a spot in the $50 bill as an honor of his great works. He is popular among many because of his outstanding works in America since he helped build the nation in the twentieth century and contribute to the American dream. His contributions have had additional effects on America, similar to the great works by Abraham Lincoln, who was also an astounding leader. These two are two of the most outstanding leaders to serve Americans as president. Grant made his contributions to the Americans during his time, and the effects have affected Americans for a long U.S. Currency Design Changes Argumentative Essay.Nonetheless, his contributions are thought to be insignificant compared to those of Reagan, which is why the spot he holds in the $50 bill should be replaced by Reagan, whose contributions are massive and continue to be felt to date.

Reagan was a transformative leader of the twentieth century. This is part of the reason his contributions are remembered to date. Transformative leaders strive to enact changes, and this was the plan of Reagan during his presidency. One of Reagan’s main contributions was ending the Cold War and the prevailing threats from the Soviet Union (Time to Change the $50 Bill). This was a huge step and an action that will always be remembered in America’s history. Had the Cold War and the threats by the Soviet Union materialized, the US would be having a different experience and talk of a different history. Notwithstanding, Reagan managed to put an end to both, which was a tremendous achievement. In contrast, Grant’s contributions are incomparable and cannot compete with such transformation brought to America. This does not mean that Grant did not make significant contributions during his time as president. However, comparing both contributions, Reagan’s stand out, which is why he should be granted the chance to be part of the currency since Grant has been there long enough and has so far been honored. Grant is associated with scandals during his terms. According to Time to Change the $50 Bill, Grant’s critics suggest that his terms were linked to scandals and were sluggish, which is why he should not be part of the $50 bill anymore. In the presence of such slow terms, his image should be let go for the welcoming of a new image that represents prosperity. Proponents of Reagan argue that Grant lacks a similar luster to that of George Washington, who is part of the $1 bill. In a survey to assess American presidents’ greatness, Reagan took sixth place, whereas Grant took the twenty-ninth place out of the total 40 presidents involved in the survey. Although this was not a popularity contest, the greatness survey indicates that Reagan is better than Grant, so he should be allowed the position that Grant holds in the $50 bill U.S. Currency Design Changes Argumentative Essay.

Opponents of Reagan taking Grant’s position, refute with several claims. One of the claims they address is that of scandals. Grant has scandals during his terms as president. Nonetheless, this does not make him a bad president because Reagan was also associated with several scandals such as the Iran-Contra Affair plus the deal linked to the exchange of arms with hostages. Proponents of Reagan seem to turn a blind eye and thereby assume the scandals associated with Reagan during his time, which cancels out the claims that he was associated with scandals. Furthermore, Grant should maintain his image in the $50 bill because he had significant contributions to the nation, such as getting the economy back to its feet after the Civil War. Grant is also believed to have contributed to the freeing of slaves since he worked on their behalf. His contributions advanced beyond his presidency. He was part of the negotiations during the settlement of the dispute between China and America. This shows that Grant’s image should not be replaced because he made a tremendous contribution that is enjoyed to date, such as the freeing of slaves. According to Leave Grant Alone, proponents of Grant claim that Reagan may have made contributions to the American nation. Still, the actual effects of his actions are yet to be identified, and the only way to determine their effectiveness is to wait for the future. Grant’s contributions continue to be remembered despite serving long ago. Therefore, Grant must maintain his image in the $50 bill because he was also a unique leader.

Reagan deserves to be included in the $50 bill because he is popular and has contributed to America that continues to be identified ever since he stepped away from the presidential position. He is associated with the ending of the Cold War plus the threats by the Soviet Union, which would have caused chaos if they had materialized. Proponents of Reagan’s placing in the $50 bill note that Grant was linked to several scandals during his time in office, and his contributions cannot be compared to those of Reagan. Opponents of the removal of Grant from the bill claim that proponents of Reagan overlook his scandals. Based on both sides’ evidence, Reagan’s image should be used within the bill and replace Grant due to their differences in greatness U.S. Currency Design Changes Argumentative Essay.


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