Understanding Equations Assignment Essay

Understanding Equations Assignment Essay

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The provided scenario is essential in determining prices and ensuring that target sales are reached. Target sales ensure that a restraint, for example, will be able to pay wages, cost of the food, and still make a profit. Balancing the prices of food ensures that restaurants can compete with others. The balancing is better since it provides that as the price of one reduces, the other appreciates; hence a loss on an item can be compensated another item’s sale.

The scenario greatly contributes to understanding equations, especially on how alphabets can be used in equations to calculate real figures of the unknown. The scenario illustrates how figures change in value or the sequence of calculation a person should make starting from multiplication, then addition, and subtraction. The examples also promote understanding about substitution, which is critical in algebra and will be applied even in other units requiring solving equations (Khan Academy., 2011) Understanding Equations Assignment Essay.

The example and equations are similar to many equations in my profession. They also apply the same basic principle where they are structured to give more significant value to the item selling at a lower price. For example, in this scenario, the number of wines required to be sold when the price is 5 dollars is incredibly high. The concept behind this is that it is possible to sell two or several wines to one person; hence the price can be low, motivating them to take more than one.

The equation’s change in the second part made sense to me because they are realistic and accurate. The first part of the equation is wrong since the sale of 325 wines at 5 dollars amounts to 1625 dollars, which is way past the target for the night.


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