wisdom versus judgment

wisdom versus judgment

  1. How does the concept of wisdom in nursing informatics compare to the concept of professional nursing judgment?
  2. What is DIKW and how do you “use” it in oncology nursing?

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Wisdom Versus Judgement

For clinicians, nurses, and service providers, it is essential that they know how to acquire wisdom and how to apply the understanding into informatics practice. In addition, this wisdom and knowledge they gain help them when making nursing judgments in their career.

Informatics in nursing is essential since it enhances the incorporation of nursing practice with several systematic sciences and information processing that support the recognition, definition, management, and communication of data and information together with wisdom in the nursing practice. The aspect of learning in nursing informatics is using the proper knowledge To aid in the management and problem-solving in patients using data and information (Nelson, 2018). It also involves using informatics to assess documentations processed from a health information system to enhance nursing practice. On the other hand, professional nursing judgment involves the nurses’ comprehension of patients’ concerns and problems. This aspect is crucial because it ensures that nurses provide safe care and enhance quality care.

The DIKW is a tool used for knowledge management that explains a pyramid on how data is converted to information, then to knowledge, and finally to wisdom (DIKW), essential for decision making (Nelson, 2018). In oncological nursing, the DIKW framework can be used to evaluate a plan for a patient. This is achieved through a series of steps. First, the patients’ data is collected through symptoms, scans, and other ways. Second, the oncologist gathers the patients’ facts with the data, essential in the information step. Third, an outline from the information can be created through the knowledge step. For example, the nurse can assess what the CT scan presents. As the data is analyzed and combined, it is crucial to understand the significance of the information. Finally, the wisdom step involved analyzing the information and developing an appropriate care plan.


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